My Second Trip to Japan, October/November 1998

I missed Japan so much that I decided to go visit one more time in 1998, between October 27 and November 5. This time, I took a friend and his wife, Bruce and Debbie along, and toured Tokyo and westward. We were going to maximize our 10 days there so we planned a quick tour of Tokyo, a day of driving, sightseeing of Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, and Hiroshima, and (my primary motive) attend the Formula One race at Suzuka.

I went to the same rental car agency (Toyota Rent-a-Lease) to rent the car.
The Carina I rented in March was not avaiable, so we rented a smaller car,
the Toyota Starlet pictured here. (This was taken near the town of Tsukui)

Trip Summary (10/28-10/29):

This is a photo looking at the peak from Station Five, which is on the
south side of Mount Fuji. The Toyota Starlet is on the left. Weather
on Mt. Fuji can change very quickly - we were covered in fog seconds
after I took this photo - and it was very cold! (~5 degrees Celius)

Here's a look at Mount Fuji a bit farther away. I took this photo on
our way down. Note the fog rolling in from left side, demonstrating
the quick change of weather around Mount Fuji.

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